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ASMV Enterprises is renowned mannequin manufacturer in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh Indiais over fifteen years experience in the mannequin business. We're mannequin makers, mannequin suppliers and mannequin consultants. We source, create and supply all things mannequin: simple bust-forms, torsos and photography mannequins, mannequins move millions of pounds of merchandise for countless top brands, high street stores and household names worldwide.

Our expertise makes asmv enterprises the goto company for mannequin sales, hire, renovation and custom mannequin work - like special paint finishes, custom-poses and alterations. We create source lingerie and hosiery mannequins, flexible mannequins, high-end fashion mannequins, tailors' dummies, child mannequins, baby mannequins, maternity mannequins, plus-size mannequins, even museum-grade conservation mannequins.

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